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ReSales of Classic Pontiac B-bodies
Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Date of
Location of
Bonneville 1964 2dr coupe 48k $6,500 All options – 389 tripower Good. Perfect interior. 04.15.2006 Texas

“Car had been garaged since 1969 and it is still original factory quality except for some small cracks in the paint.”

Bonneville 1965 Convertible 2dr 82k $6,500 8 lug wheels, pw, pseats,leather bench seats Very Good Nov., 2006 Indiana

“I sold this car in 1988, found it by accident in a magazine and bought it back.”

Bonneville 1965 Convertible 2dr unknown $9,000 AC, two tone power bench seat, tilt wheel, trunk release, load levelers Good March, 2000 Utah
Bonneville 1966 Convertible 2dr 38k $1,500 A/C; power windows; reverb;
8 lug wheels
Very Nice 07.14.2007 Ohio

“This car sat in dry storage for over 25 yrs. The top split, but the engine never stuck ... It only took about an hour to get it running.
No blowby and shifts well. The top won't go down and a break line broke. But I got lucky ... NO RUST”

Bonneville 1966 Convertible 99k $8,000 A/C; power windows; reverb; 8 lug wheels Very Good. 12.01.2005 Massachusetts

“Car is an older restoration; nice gloss on paint but not great work. Excellent interior; not original engine; has a 1972 Catalina rebuilt 400 (30,00 miles on it) with Edelbrock 1405 carb and torker manifold. Everything works! New front end shocks, ball joints, etc. Cherrybomb on exhaust. Great driver. No rust; car has been on lift and found be in excellent shape. My plans are a repaint and some upgrades on the engine.”

Bonneville 1966 Convertible 32k $12,000 389 tri power; autotrans; pwr windows; pwr vents; pwr seats; 8 lug wheels; factory a/c; Show quality
Completely restored org
10.10.2005 Florida
Bonneville 1969 2Door Convertible 265,423 $4,000 A/C, power antenna, power windows, power steering, power brakes, front disc brakes. Restorable March 2003 Tennessee

“Engine and transmission ran but required rebuilding, convertible top was shot, bumpers were rusted.
Endura nose & rear bumper strip were in good shape, overall body was in good shape, A/C did not work.
Original TH400 transmission but incorrect motor (400 from 1967 Catalina or Executive).”

Bonneville 1969 Convertible 48k $9,500   Very Good ? ? ? Virginia
Bonneville 455 1970 Convertible 2dr 54k $8,000 Looks like no options, big engine! Good 09.11.2007 Massachusetts

“Sticker reads 1984. Stored in barn, put in gas, new batt, started right up. Some rust left quarterpanel. Looks like second paint job.
No rust otherwise, chromium flawless, roof vinyl, works.”

Bonneville 1973 4 dr Sedan 82,277k $3,000 A/C Good 2003 Illinois

“Minimal rust around wheelwells. Bumpers good no dents scratches, grill all intact. Just went over 82,000 miles. NO ROLL OVER!”

Bonneville 1978 2dr hardtop 84,563 $350.00 Power windows, power seats, air, cruise, tilt wheel, rally wheels (original). Fair 10.22.2005 Ohio
Bonneville 1979 Sedan 39870 $6,000 vinyl roof, power windows, cruise control, wire spoke wheel covers, air conditioning, tilt steering, 8-track tape player, automatic transmission Very Good July 23, '99 Arkansas
Bonneville 1979 4Dr Hdtp 52k $1,800 Pwr windows & locks, A/C Good Dec. 2007 Iowa

“This is a sweet car. I found it on ebay and won the auction by a mere $3. Two tone lime green w/plush green interior. This car was purchased by the seller's father from the showroom and had been stored in a barn for several years prior to sale. All original except tires. One piece of side moulding needs to be re-glued.”

Bonneville 1979 Landau 105k $2,000 elect. windows, door locks, seat pwr. strng, cruise control . . . Mar. 2007 Washington

“Pastel green, quiet and smooth ride. Take it on long trips. It just floats. hd radiator, r135 freon conv. installing keyless entry next.”

Bonneville 1979 2Door 43k $675.00 301, console shift, manual windows and locks. . . . ..2007 Wisconsin

“I own a small used car lot and this car showed up at the auction. Was told it was traded in to a new car dealer by a man who had inherited it from his father who had passed away, old man owned it since new and only put 43,000 miles on it.”
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Bonneville Brougham 1979 4Dr Hardtop 133k $50 Power doors, windows, seats, 8 track player, Holley carburetor Needs work 06.06.2006 Arizona

“My neighbor had it sitting outside his gate and someone crashed into it; a little cavein in front of the driver's side wheel well was the biggest body problem. Interior was decent, everything works except radio. The engine is ok, needs the right carburetor and new vacuum lines, and fuel pump to carb line. Not a bad deal though.”

Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Date of
Location of
Catalina 1964 2dr hdtp 69k $1,500 421 tri-power, 4 speed trans, radio delete, heater delete Excellent 07.13.2007 Utah
Catalina 1965 4door 45520? $750.00 a/c .. June 2007 California

“Runs great, interior very good, needs some body work and paint”

Catalina 1965 2+2
2dr hardtop
98k $26,000 mayfair maze 421 tri power 4spd; no a/c show 01.20.2005 Florida

“Full restoration; Senior Gold winner at the Pontiac Nationals; factory match # car”

Catalina 1966 2dr -- $2200 dual exhaust Fair 11.17.2010 California

“Fair condition; needs paint interior. Needs total restore. No major rust issues, just surface rust. Wasn't running either when I bought it.”

Catalina 1966 Convertible
134k $5,800   Good May 21, 2009 Ohio
Catalina 1968 Convertible
93k $2,500 Keystone wheels Good March 2006 New York
Catalina 1968 4 Door Sedan 78k $3,000 Everything original - body totally restored - she was sitting in primer. New carpet and paint job, some brake work and a little love - only thing I did was replace the points with a Pertronix ignitor. Appraised at $4500. Good 1999 Massachusetts
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Catalina 1969 4 Door Hardtop 65k $1,000 V8 6.6 400 2bbl; everything original; very little rust on the body. Very good Dec. 2003 New Jersey
Catalina 1970 4 Dr Hdtp 54,700k $5,000 Air conditioning Excellent
08.24.2008 Iowa
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“Car needed alot of little mechanical things when first purchased. Purchased from original owner now in his late 70's. Every option, light, gauge, and A/C are now functioning as they should. A real joy to drive!”

Catalina 1970 4 Door Hardtop 48k $1,800 2 BBL 400 V8 engine, Soft Ray glass - all windows, deluxe wheel covers, protective rubber bumper strips Very good Aug. 2002 Wisconsin
Catalina 1970 4 Door Hardtop 57k $2,500 Original radio Excellent 09.10.2004 New Jersey

“Teal green paint original. Some rust on rear panels.”

Catalina 1971 2 Dr Convert 76k $7,500 Original radio Excellent 06.12.2009 Missouri
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“Fresh rebuilt engine, aftermarket gauges, shaved handles and locks, 18" wheels, new pipes.”



2 Door Hardtop



. . .




“What would be the value on this car all restored?”

Catalina 1972 Convertible 30k $3100 Canadian Power windows, power roof, 400 4 bbl Dual exhaust, all original never restored. Good; needs new seats, headliner, and stitching around rear window. 01.02.2006 Nova Scotia
Catalina 1972 Convertible
104k $3,000 a/c, ps, pb some rust 06.04.2006 Illinois
Catalina 1972 Convertible
2dr B-body
987654k $5,000 convert. top ? ? ? Mar. 01 2007 Georgia
Catalina 1973 2 Door Hdtop 12,929k $500.00 a/c, vinyl top Restorable
12.12.2006 Pennsylvania

“Car purchased by older couple who have passed on. Car sat in barn since 1980-81. Has been outside last 2 yrs and has surface rust and peeling paint. Interior perfect! Car retains original tires (all still up) and I have all the original paperwork in mint condition. Have not turned engine yet, but all electrics work flawlessly. Look forward to restoring this classic beauty. Car is painted pale yellow w/black vinyl top and interior.”

Catalina 1973 2Dr Hdtp Coupe 48k $1,400 a/c, am radio Fair February 2005 Connecticut

“Car was in good condition mechanically, fair condition asthetically, and rode well. I have since added dual exhaust, custom rear suspension, and new BFGoodrich tires.”

Catalina 1974 4 Door Hardtop 135k $3,250   # 2-3 condition Dec. 2003 Netherlands
Catalina 1976 4 Door Sedan 80k Orig $1,000 Heater & a/c # 2-3 condition 01.18.2005 California – 2nd owner

“All original except the paint; interior is worn but still decent, needs carpet; no rust that I know of.”

Catalina 1979 4 Door 95k $2,500   Great ? Sale Florida
Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Date of
Location of
Grand Prix 1962 2 door 68k $13,000 389, 4 speed, ps, pb, 8 lugs, posi, wonder bar Nice/orig. 01.28.2007 Missouri

“Black/black, one owner, original title, manuals, invoice, etc.”

Grand Prix 1963 2 Door 98k $150 White exterior, parchment interior, 4 speed transmission, 8 lug wheels, power windows, power steering and brakes; not much else; not even a mirror! Good 1975 California
Grand Prix 1963 2dr hdtp 43k $7000 CA Basic Good Sept..1989 New Brunswick
Grand Prix 1967 Convertible 133k $7,000 pw, pdb, pvw, pa, bucket seats, AC, console, 428 motor & more. Minimal rust in normal convert areas like trunk pan. Floors etc are SOLID. Blue w/ white top and interior. Nice presentable shape, good driver, rebuilt stock motor and trans. Paint's faded, but straight body. Clean but not fully restored 10.05.2005 California
Grand Prix 1967 2 Door Hardtop 11k $2,500 a/c, auto with console, tile steering, Ram Air 400, P.S., P.B., AM-FM Stereo, dual rear speakers, air shocks, hideaway headlights, power windows, power steering, power brakes, spinner hubcaps, dual exhaust, Original mint condition type tires, original spare, all hubcaps mint; only needs paint. Auction. Mint 06.25.2005 South Dakota
Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Date of
Location of
Grand Ville 1971 2 Dr Conv 65k $3,300 Good “ac pw ps pb p top” Nov. 2000 Illinois
Grand Ville 1971 4Dr Sedan 80k $250.00 Everything stock on car Good Sept 2006 Washington

“Some rust in trunk but otherwise good cond. Excellent interior cond. Black with black cloth interior.”

Grand Ville 1971 2dr conv 92k $6,200 ? very good 06.24.11 Massachusetts

“It had a new top (reported to be 15 yrs but looked brand new), no rust, solid quarters and floors, never hit or repaired.”

Grand Ville 1971 2 door 94k $4,000 ? Good May 2005 Pennsylvania

“My uncle, the previous owner, had the engine bored out. I'm not sure how much that would add to the Sale Price. Everything else is stock.”

Grand Ville 1971 Convertible 80k $1,000   Runs; needs top, interior work, repaint, and rechrome bumpers; rust is minimal;
real solid mostly.
2004 New York
Grand Ville 1972 4dr hdtp 85k $3,500 See Below 4.5 of 5 - 1 owner, always garaged, no rust; exterior paint faded June, 2012 Purchased in Denver, Colorado
Options: Standard 455 engine w/ 4bbl & dual exhaust, cruise control, Auto Temp Control Air conditioning (ATC A/C), electric windows/locks, remote trunk release, trunk light, AM/FM stereo radio, 40/60 split powered front seat, Morrokide cloth upholstery, side cornering lights, finned hubcaps w/ whitewalls, front & rear bumper guards, vinyl on chrome side molding strips, door edge guards, deluxe seatbelts, door courtesy lights.

Options it did NOT have: the Rally II Wheels, tilt column, or 8-track options. Had only the regular instrument cluster (warning light, non-rally gauges). Had only the regular courtesy light in headliner- not the map-light version. Was built in Apr 1972, thus had the seat-belt warning buzzer. Had the remote driver-side mirror.
Grand Ville 1972 4dr hdtp 83k $5,000 air , electric door locks & windows , 455 engine, auto trans Good 11.04.2012 vinyl roof is undamaged
Texas Sale
Grand Ville 1972 Convertible 70k $6,100 Manual A/C, AM/FM radio, power windows, tilt wheel, rear speaker, LH remote mirror, body side moldings, Soft Ray windshield, 6-way power bench seat, Super Lift shocks, front & rear bumper guards, rubber bumper strips, Rally II wheels, G78x15 fiberglass tires Mechanicals A
Interior B
Body C
Seller was in Ohio
Grand Ville 1973 2dr Hdtp 86K $4,000 455ci engine with 4 barrel, and power seats Near Excellent 03.06.2011 Michigan
All original Washington car except for a nice urethane repaint. Tears in driver seat on both cushions and missing driver side rear backup light. A couple very small cracks in rear of vinyl top (still original). Otherwise immaculate. No rust anywhere and drives excellent. Will take to shows this summer. Paint is black with ivory top and interior. Click To View Photos
Grand Ville 1973 Convert 2dr 63487 $6,950 250 hp, a/c, vinyl seats Nice 06.29.2009 S. Dakota
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“Original condition.”
Grand Ville 1973 Convert 2Dr 118K $700 power windows, dual exhaust Fair 06.10.2007 Wisconsin
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“Bought my gunboat for $700. She's not a showcar; there is some rust and bondo on the lower half of the body. Non-original 455 from a '72 Olds. All she really needed to be a runner was a new muffler, steering gearbox, and a tankful of gas + sta-bil. Was sitting for several years.”
Grand Ville 1973 Convertible 87k $3,500 Car is loaded, but I think everything is standard on this model. Restore up to front clip 02.06.2006 Minnesota
Grand Ville 1973 Convert 2Dr .100k $750.00 New dual exhaust Fair 1996 Pennsylvania
“Needed a new top.”
Grand Ville 1973 Convertible <100k $1,000 Power windows, power door locks, tilt steering wheel, AM radio, standard A/C, lower door courtesy lights, map lights, vinyl top,
LH remote mirror, passenger side mirror, factory tinted windows, bumper guards, bumper strips and side moldings.
Very Good Nov. 2004 Tennessee
Grand Ville 1974 Convertible   $6,400 Pontiac “mags” Great April 2004 Wisconsin
Grand Ville 1974 Convertible 108k $4,800 Power steering, brakes & windows, bench seat, cruise control, am/fm/8-track, 455 auto trans posi traction. Good Sept. 2004 Illinois
Grand Ville 1974 Convertible   $6,000   Good Jan. 2005 California
Grand Ville 1974 2Dr Hardtop ? $1,200 P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM radio, P/W Good Sept. 2002 South Carolina
Grand Ville 1974 Hardtop 4Dr 34,957 $2,125 Light green w/dark green vinyl top. cloth seats, split front bench w/fold down armrest, power seat, air, tilt, cruise, P/S, P/B, P/W,P/L 8 out of 10 12.22.2005 West Virginia via eBay
Texas buyer
Grand Ville Brougham 1975 2 Door Conv 75k $1,700 See Below Good Oct. 2005 Massachusetts
“This is a standard equipment Grandville convertible. 400 cid V8, am/fm 8 track w/ 4 speakers, fender skirts, pw, ps, pb, turbine hubcaps, as near as I can tell it was repainted original color (bimini blue) some time in its past, new top (white) with white interior, otherwise original; has original top boot and spare tire/ jack. The dashpad has some serious cracks. needs a carpet and weather stripping replaced.”
Grand Ville Brougham 1975 2 Door 500-1000k $4,000 See Below Fine 01.02.2009 California
“Options: Red body with White sponge top. White and black original interior. 8-track stereo am fm radio. Rebuilt chevrolet 350 engine. Polish intake. Crane cam. Flow master dual exhaust msd box.”
Grand Ville 1975 2 Door 98,667k $5,000   Excellent 04.01.2009 California
Grand Ville 1975   now 58k $3,200   Good Early '90's
> dealer
Grand Ville 1975 Convert 2dr 95K $5,000 power windows, a/c, cruise control Very Good 08.20.2009 Pennsylvania
“Comments: bought from original owner with every service record from 1975 to present. 100% original.”
Grand Ville 1975 Convert 2dr 75,500K $4,900 “It has the 455 4bbl. It has all the standard Grand Ville options:p top, pw, pb, ps, 60/40 power seats, power trunk release, A/C, 8-Track AM/FM, Cruise, tilt, delay wiper. The best I can tell, it lacks only the full gauge instrumentation and cornering lamps.” Good 04.30.2007 Texas
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“Additional Comments: The car is in excellent mechanical condition and is mostly original. Yet it basically shows some wear: small dash pad cracks, the plastic passenger door panel has a hole, missing courtesy lamp lenses, one 'idiot' light is out, as is one turn signal indicator.
Just got it out of the shop: it only lacks a part or two for the cruise & the A/C is weak.”
Grand Ville 1975 Convertible 66,238 $8,000 pw, pdl, ps, air, leather seats, am-fm 8-track Good 09.19.2005 Upstate New York
Grand Ville 1975 Convertible 59k $8,500 All options (except bumper guards) 455 V8, power door locks, seats, adjustable pedals, cornering lights etc. Excellent 1998 Los Angeles, California

“Beautiful one owner car just like my grandmother's 1975 - same color triple white color combo w/oxblood interior trim.”

Grand Ville 1975 Convertible 88k $3,800 - - - Good Oct. 1989 Louisville, Kentucky

“Bought at auction Car was pretty much original when I bought it. Replaced the transmission support with one from a 1971 so that the correct cutouts would accommodate dual exhaust. Replaced the gaskets at the engine block and installed true duals. In 2001, I sold it for $7,500.”

Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Date of
Location of
Parisienne 1965 Convertible 2 dr 63 258 kilometres 8 700 euros
12 000
can $
283 engine V8, power top, antenna ? 12.25.2005 Quebec Canada

“Bought for holidays in Quebec by my daughter. It's my first ‘collection’. I am French.”

Parisienne 1965 Convertible 135k 2700 CA   Mechanically good Nov. 2004 Vancouver B.C.

“daily driver; needs paint, new top & interior”

Parisienne 1965 Convertible
77k 5500 CA Ps Pb P-Glide Tinted winsdcreen Perfect 1995 Delta, BC


Parisienne 1965 Coupe Title said exempt from mileage $1875 Power antenna Driver March 2003 Cresson BC Canada

“This is a factory hybrid built in the Oshawa Ontario Chevy plant. It has a 65 Pontiac Parisienne body and a 65 Chevy Impala drive train right up to the steering column. Hard to find some things but interchangable with most 65 Pontiac parts.”

Parisienne 1966 Convertible 2 Dr 49k $1,000 CA Basic Parisienne convertible, 283 V8
2 spd. Powerglide, bench seat
Fair 09.15.2006 Winnipeg, MB

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Parisienne 1966 Convertible 2Dr Unknown $1200 Power windows, am radio, clock, power steering, power brakes Fair>Good 08.12.2006 Calgary, AB Canada

“Car was abandoned in a field for four years. Needs full restoration to be excellent; however, seats and top in very good condition, also new transmission and rebuilt engine before it was ‘parked’. Major work needed is body work and detailing.”

Parisienne 1981 Brougham 4Dr 88k $2,500 PW,PS,PB,A/C,P trunk, full padded vinyl roof (excellent condition), wire wheel covers, power 6-way driver's seat, plush seats, AM/FM radio (4 speakers), cruise control, remote control mirrors, 3-speed wipers, windshield washer Good Oct. 2005 Windsor, ON

“5.0 L (305 c.i.) V-8, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor”

Parisienne 1981 Brougham 4Dr 73540kms $1,900 CAN . . . near Mint 2004 Nova Scotia

“Brougham came with many options that would have been extra on other models.”

Star Chief 1964 Sedan 96k $1500 389cui,ac pb reel out trunk light ps  Great Oct. 2004 New Jersey

“New upholstery, new carpet door panels, new headliner wiring harness; no rust or dents; paint good; chrome needs refinishing;
runs and drives great.”

Star Chief Executive 1966 Sedan 4Dr 95k $6,000 Code YD engine, police/taxi 10.5:1 compression, factory A/C, custom foam cushion front, instrument panel cover, seat belts, PS, PB, TW, glass soft ray, floor mats front, TH 400 2.56:1, trim 538, bench seat, black.  Very good 02.13.2006 New Hampshire

“Stated Value appraisal ‘very good’ $6500 after $1000 body work to fix damaged fender.”


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Other Pontiac Classics ReSales
Model Year Style Mileage Sale Price Options Condition Purchase Date Location
Tempest 1963 4dr 394k $500.00 ... Poor June 2000 Ohio

“We had the body work done on the car and engine runs good. Paint is faded now but I still like to drive it around. It has an half an eight(a four cylinder).”

Beaumont 1966 2Door 80576 $8,500 HP 327 sbc. Auto trans Very Good 8/5/2007 Maryland

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Firebird 1973 Formula 2Dr 200k $3,000   Good
needs paint
1990 North Carolina
Firebird 1979 Formula 2Dr 133,484k $1,000 Cruise, tilt steering, power windows and locks, radials, tuned suspension Fair 10.07.2005 New Jersey

“Car was and is in really good shape for the year.”

Grand Am 1974 4Dr Hardtop 72k $2,000 400cid, Ram air1V, 4-speed manual. 12 bolt pos. disc rear end. Air conditioning, power everything. 1 of 146 produced (special order vehicle) Needs restoration 07.02.2006 Canada
Grand Prix 1976 2 door 68,897k $5,000 Power windows & locks Excellent 03.31.2007 New York

“Black w/white interior, white Landau roof. 350 engine, no rust, no rot, no bondo. Never had any body work. Console shifter, buckets in the front.”

Grand Prix 1978 2 door unknown $1,000 Custom wheels, radio, window tint Good June, 2009 Michigan

”Minor tear in vinyl seats, front clip housing the headlights does not match the color or the car. No dents or rust and what seems to be the original paint in decent shape. Motor barely ran but would flood out.“

LeMans 1968 2 Dr Hardtop Coupe 94k $4000 350 4bbl engine all matching numbers; 2 speed automatic transmission on the floor; Rally II wheels; black vinyl top; dual exhaust; front chrome bumpers orignal. Very good + 09.22.2001 New Jersey
LeMans 1972 4 Door Hardtop 81k $650   Great March 2004 Georgia
LeMans 1972 Convertible 120k 11.500 euro 400 engine, power windows, airco Good * March 2005 Netherlands
“Purchased from trader — Mechanical new, needs paint job — Love of my life, 3rd owner”
LeMans 1972 Convertible
2 door
75k $5500 auto, 350, console, AC PS PB disk, Enduro front Good 06/01/11 Arkansas
“little to no rust”
LeMans 1972 Convertible
2 door
98k $2,000 All original Fair May 2003 Texas
“She runs pretty good; needs new top and door panels; looking for parts for her.”
Grand LeMans 1976 Coupe 76k $3000 350-2bbl, THM350 with shift kit, a/c, dual exhaust, power windows, tilt wheel, power bench seat, AM/FM stereo,
Rally 2 wheels
Great April 2005 Ohio

“Repainted, nicely done but not original color. Air conditioner does not work, interior looks almost new except for tear on driver's seat cushion.
A little cranky when first starting up, but hey, it was the 70's!”

Grand LeMans 1976 4 Door 33k $959.09 ac, power windows Mint 2005 Maine
Grand LeMans Safari Station Wagon 1975 4 Door 151248k $250.00 A/C, deluxe interior vinyl, 3rd seat, power remote hatch, 14 inch ralleye wheels Driver Aug., 2001 Oregon

“Comments: Awesome road car! I average 20-30,000 a year with this car and I love it!”

Grand Safari 1973 wagon 3seat 69175k Free ps, pb, pw, ac(working) 455, wood grain, roof rack Runs great, in primer April 2006 New York

“ Guy gave up on restoration. Made me swear that I would not part it out or use in demo derby. New dual exhaust and a $1000 paint job, a very presentable great running car. All# match plus got it from original owner who worked for GM and gave me at least a thousand dollars of old and rare nos parts.”

Silverstreak 1939 2Dr Sedan 28,900k $6,500 left tail light, dual horns center front bumper guard heater with tubing for window defroster 80% restored Oct. 2004 Oregon

“I obtained a copy of a dealer brochure for 1939 Silversteaks showing all the options available. Sorry, I have no picture to submit at this time. Always looking for original parts if anybody out there can help. Thanks.”

Star Chief 1957 2Door 120k $25K ... Fine June 2004 Missouri
Strato Chief 1966 4Door
cloth top
51,000 $400 Can 250 i-6,2spd, am/fm radio, (deluxe) Fair 07.01.2007 Ontario, Canada

“All original runs and drives, brakes work, needs tires, minor body work and paint.”

Tempest LeMans 1962 Convert 2Dr 65k $5000 Convertible, a/c, LeMans trim, 4 cyl engine ** post war ** Very good 04.02.2009 Texas
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“ Car runs great, very good condition for 47 years old, seats very good, all original. Original paint has light rust under paint ( surface rust only ) no changes from stock, only new tires, still has spare tire and jack, needs new top.”

Tempest 1965 Custom
2 Door
43,735k $6,500 a/c, ps, pb Fair 01.12.2006 Ohio
Tempest 1966 2dr coupe
V-8 type A
100k $5,000 Factory a/c upgrade Fair 07.24.2006 Wisconsin

“This V8 model came with factory a/c upgrade. It is untouched but has been worn out. It still has original tires!”

Tempest 1968 2 Door
61,750k $6,000 Power steering, auto. transmission Very good July 2006 Ohio
1970 Hardtop 2dr 80k $600 AM/FM radio Good 2006 Connecticut

“Car was bought from orig. owner by me. It was a 6 cyl, column shift, bench seat car. Inside was near perfect and all orig.. I have a 70 (mild built), 400ci Pontiac motor for it, took out the bench seat and replaced it with 2 bucket seats. New carpet, GTO steering wheel and column. A lot of powdercoated trim (ie bumpers, bezels, emblems etc.) is done and waiting to be put on. Outside needed some work which I am currently doing.”

Comments 03.30.2008: “I was told this was ordered with the 6cyl, powerglide package and a column shifter. I have a 68 GTO hood, 70 Pontiac 400/th400 drivetrain in/on this car. Also have a set of Pontiac rallys and a lot of powdercoated parts going on.”
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TransAm 1982 2 Door
Sport Concept
182,880 $--- ..... Good --.--.2008 California
Ventura 1967 2 Door
104k $2,700 a/c, ps, pb Excellent/orig 01.01.2007 California

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